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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Starting out with random stuff...

So here it is, September already. Actually, it's the middle of September. I don't think I've truly blogged for over a year or something. A LOT has happened in that year. So much, I don't even know where to start....
Our carport is finished. And we love it.
My Dad and stepmom and little sister, Lilly, moved up here from the Valley. And just as quickly as they came... they were gone and moved back to the Valley exactly a year later. We miss them :o(
My other little sister Karen joined the US Coast Guard. Survived Basic Training up north and is now stationed in Bodega Bay, California. I think she likes it.
My sister Daisy and her family moved from the Valley up to Dallas and I think they like it. And the afore mentioned sister, Lilly, now lives with them and is going to school up there. I think she likes it.
Lela and Lee have opened their own Dental practice in College Station. I think they like it.
My brother John moved to Houston to start a new life there. I think he likes it.
My sister Julz lives in Austin and according to her Facebook post, is going to a puppet show tonight. I think she likes it.
We put in a pool. It's nice. It's saltwater. It has a waterfall and will soon have a "kiddie pool" with little bubbling fountains in it. I think we'll like it.
The boys are in school now. All four of them. Nile & Noah are in first grade, and James & Jonah are in Mother's Day Out (on Tues. & Thurs.). So far, Nile & Noah really enjoy first grade. They are doing well, and so far have brought home A's & B's on their paperwork. We'll see what the report cards say when it's time. We have tossed around the $ incentive for good grades. Nile isn't so much into the $ game. He doesn't really have a particular interest in any certain thing. Wait, that's not true. He likes hunting stuff. And by stuff, I mean guns and bows & arrows and pointy sharp sticks. He loves Les Stroud (Survivorman) and anything to do with survival living. Unfortunately, Ken and I are not avid hunters. We aren't hunters at all. So we cannot, excuse me, we do not know what to do to encourage that type of...interest. I've back-n-forthed the idea of gettin him a cross bow, setting up some bails of hay and letting have at it. But again, I don't know much about hunting equipment and safety is an issue.
Hold on. I have to hollar at my kids. "Nile, you need a helmet!" Noah is pushing him around in the wheelchair REALLY FAST! We do not need another head injury. No thank you! I don't wanna break up their fun. They are actually getting along, but, yikes!
So, Nile isn't really into $ for collecting stuff. Noah, on the other hand, collects stuff. * A LOT of stuff... shells, beads, feathers, little plastic sea creatures, silly bands - he loves his silly bands. And now there are silly rings. Oh joy! So Noah is very i
nto earning $ for stuff. * pause for picture taking * As if on cue, he walked into the room with this...

James & Jonah are getting used to going to school two days a week. They seem to enjoy it. They were singing, "B. I. B. BIBLE. " It was so cute. I tried singing it with them the B.I.B.L.E. way. They didn't go for it. They insisted I was spelling it wrong. LOL They luv luv luv to put their uniforms on in the morning. Just like their big brothers. And the other day, Jonah advised me, "Abigail took one of my silly bands."
I said, "Who's Abigail?"
Jonah said, "She's my girl - fwend."
Too cute.
The teachers are actually able to tell them apart now. Whoo hoo!

We spent the morning playing in the pool today. Well, the kids did anyway. I actually contemplated taking my computer out to the pool, but thought better of it. Laptop + gallons of salt water = innevitable disaster. And so they played and I snapped a ton of pictures. I love the "continuous shooting" feature on my Canon. The boys got a kick out of watching the "movie" of them diving in the pool. It looks like one of those little flip books they teach you to make in elementary school. So fun!

And so here it is, after 2200 hrs and I'm trying to complete a post so I'll have something here for you to read. I am exhausted and I think it's time to hit the hay. Waddaya think? I think I like it.

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